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Glenwood Dist 57

School District #57 Glenwood Township

This information was taken from the Deuel County History Book.

The first record of any school in session in District #57 was in 1886. The school was located on section eight in the corner of the northwest quarter.

The following teachers taught from 1886 to 1890; Lizzie Keene, Frankie Babcock, B.J.Buckland, Grace Enow, Carrie Ward, Ida Shampino and Franc Herrick.

Records are missing from 1905 to 1914, but teachers were David Gould, Gertie Pederson, Jennie Fawkes, Mary Kerr, Bessie Wells, Alice Pettyjohn, Anna Schweinfurt, Neva Hunt and Sarah Quinlan.

A new school house was built on this same location in 1914. Jacob Jibben purchased the old school house and moved it one mile east and one and a half miles south to his land. The new school house was considered a proud and commendable addition to the community, having a cistern and pump for washing facilities; also chemical toilets, a large school room and cloakroom - hall.

From 1919 - 1921 there were 39 pupils attending. In 1926 the district voted to move the school house one mile east and one-half mile south to a better, more centralized location.

Teachers during the years 1914 - 1968 were Florence Branick, Gloria Gordan, Jennie Winrow, Marian Inlagen, Bertha Heaton, Mrs. Lula Anderson, Hazel Hubbs, Tossie Kerr, E.R. Hoy, Frances Moran, Amy Haugland, Hazelle Collins, Ethel Kerr, Mildred Myree Mork, Lucille Harding, Vera Reihe, Katherine McLain, Joyce Anderson, Shirley Smith, Milford Waldon, Hilda Beninga, Shirley Clark, Mrs. Leila Kruse, Mrs. Betty Engebretson, Mrs. Alyce Knopp, N. Shelsta, Mrs. Dorothy Jensen, Mrs. Edna Lage, Mrs. Mary Hergenroder and Mrs. Lavonne Kjelden.

One July 4th during the 1960's, the school house was struck by lightning and burned. A vacant school house from east of Gary was purchased and moved onto a foundation of cement blocks. The school board had a busy summer going to vacant school houses and sales to buy books and supplies so the school could be in session by September. School continued until 1968 when rural schools were forced to consolidate.

Compiled by Mrs, Nick Jacobson with assistance from Mrs. Bertha (Heaton) Cole and Mrs. Lillian Sherburne.

The school that was moved to the location was later bought by Warner Volk and moved to his farm.



Memories of District #57 by Vera Fritz Meyer

Christmas programs with the brown stage curtains, rythum band, fox and goose. Social parties with Vernon Beninga and Henrietta Willis

Picture taken May 1956
from Marietta providing music "BINGO and Skip to my Lou". Box socials; jars of food placed in a large kettle with water and set on the furnace - thus hot lunches. Declam contests, Y.C.L duties, raising and folding the flag. Industrial arts, embroidering and woodworking, anti-i- over and pom pom pullaway at noon. Drowning out gophers, walking to school bundled like Eskimos, spelling bees and visits by the county superintendent, Maria Holen.

My only grade school teacher was Vera Reihe. She started Helen Tschacher and me as first graders and stayed until we graduated. I recall she wore a red flowered dress the first day she came.

Kate Tschacher took Helen and Elizabeth to school with a team of horses pulling a wagon and we often tried to be at the corner a half mile north of where we lived at the time when they got to it so we could catch a ride the last half mile. We lived a mile south of the school. Tschacher's lived a half mile south and about a mile east and about a half mile or so north of the school. Sometimes they drove a car with a rumble seat and we rode in that.


Memories of District #57 by Karen Fitzpatrick Miller

I don't know what you have on this school, but it was located about a half mile north of the place where Harvey Nelson lives. The school house was a square building, and inside it had a long coat room, and even an indoor chemical toilet! There were big windows around the side, with venetian blinds. The school had a basement and that is where the furnace was located. Upstairs there was a square floor register. Coal was used for heat; so the teacher had to shovel the coal in to keep it warm. There was a barn behind the schoolhouse. When I started there in 1949, Jack Moeller drove a horse and buggy to school and put the horse in the barn. Dorothy, Berniece, Eddie and Jim rode in the buggy to school. We used the barn to play "ante over" during recess. There was a circular swing on the playground, and recess was also a time to play ball, pour water down gopher holes, build snow forts and play fox and goose in the winter.

There are two teachers who taught at Dist 57 who still live in the area. Leila Hoium Kruse (LuAnn Thompson's mother) taught there in 1953, and Betty (Tiny) Fritz Engebretson (Vera and Dolly Meyer's sister now living in Marietta) taught there after that. The amazing thing is that they taught all 8 grades and did that with only a short training after high school. They taught all the subjects; including art. The County School Supt.used to come for a visit every now and then; her name was Maria Holum.

Students walked, rode bikes, or were driven to school by parents. Everyone brought their lunch, but one year I remember that we occasionally had hot lunch; prepared by the mothers in a rotating manner. Every year we had a Christmas program and everyone had a part. All the parents came to see the performance.

I still remember reading Dick and Jane, making Christmas gift for parents in art, going to the chalk board to work math problems, and recess fun. I have a BS in education, and as I look at all the amenities, technology, libraries, lunch rooms with several lunch choices in today's modern schools, "country school" was a good education.

Karen Fitzpatrick Miller



In picture #2 are the following people:

Back row: Lillian Kennedy, Donald Fritz, Donald Kennedy, Calvin Nieland, Elmer Fritz, Laura Walter.

Front row: Viola Kennedy, Helen Tschocher, Grace Nieland and Vera Fritz.

In picture # 3 are the following people:

Back row: Ardell Pederson, Francis Simonton, Lynn Pederson, James Fitzpatrick

Third row: Deanna Precht, Karen Fitzpatrick, Annette Simonton, Carol Lorenzen

Second row: Tolliver Simonton, Janet Anderson

Front row: Paul Jacobson, Rodney Precht, Earl Lorenzen, Sharon Anderson, Ardis Pederson

In the picture with the women seated in the desks, the names are the following:

Mrs. Verl Anderson, Verna Pederson, Lois Fitzpatrick, Mrs. Howard Fritz, Marie Jacobson Alice Precht and others.

In the picture with all the kids: Nathan Kelley 2nd, Janet Anderson 1st, Carol Lorenzen 2nd, Roger Pederson 2nd, Jim Moeller 5th, Deanna Preche 5th, Annette Simonton 3rd, Jim Fitzpatrick 3rd, Ed Moeller 6th, Lynn Pederson 5th, Francis Simonton 5th, Karen Fitzpatrick 5th, Ardell Pederson 6th, Dale Kelly 4th, Kenneth Simonton 7th, Charles Kelly 8th, Sandra Precht 8th and the teacher is Lela Hoium.

Families that went to District # 57:

Wm. Lytle



Wm Nieland

Frank Anderson

Jack Nielson

John Kennedy

Howard Fritz

Al Lorenzen

Frank McKee

Gust Bertness

Arnold Moeller

Joe Tschacher

Siefert Nuteson

Fritz Walter

Nick Jacobson

George Precht

Jens Pederson

Pearly Shepherd

Melvin Simonton

Martin Fitzpatrick

Verle Anderson

Our apolgies to anyone missed. Let us know and we will add them.