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Markers placed at Grandview Cemetery
Last week Sept. 2009 markers where placed, by Travis Baer at Grandview Cemetery. This project is now just over half done, and was funded by corporate donations and donations by private parties.   The Gary Historical Association voted last year to start this project, Travis Baer has spear-headed this project from the start. Travis stated that this project benefits everyone that has a loved one buried at Grandview and the community. We have raised almost $1,500 dollars over the last year for this.  Many people from not just Gary are very happy about this project. This is just a small piece of the history of Gary that we needed to show the public. A Special thanks goes out to Mike Nosbush, who located and marked the placement of all the stones that have been placed.   Next time you are out at Grandview watch for the 85 new markers that have been placed.



Concrete for Machinery Display

One of the projects that we would like to get done by June 1, 2007 is to put concrete under our machinery display. As you can see on the pictures this is a project that needs to be done to preserve this equipment.

The slab will need to be about 75' X 45'. The cost of the concrete slab will be about $3600. plus forming materials and any labor needed. We are probably looking at about a total of $7000.

We will be doing some fund raisers for this project. However if you are able to help us financially or otherwise with this project, we would certainly appreciate it.

Any donations should have "CEMENT" noted on them.

Thank you for your help.


Ceiling for Jail (Whistle) House

One of the projects that we would like to have done by June 1, 2007 is to put steel ceiling tile back on the ceiling and to have it the way that it used to be. The Gary Historical Association has been hoping to do this project for a long time. The pictures show the inside of the building and the deterioration of the ceiling.

Existing Jail House Ceiling

We have priced the tin ceiling tile and the cheapest is the white in color. It is the same as what is there now. The tin that is there now is all rusted out. The price of the product is around $3500. plus the material to attach and the labor. We think it can be done for a total of $6800.

Existing Jail House Ceiling

This building houses two old jail cells, the electric score board from the school, some railroad equipment and different samples of tin ceiling from some to the buildings that used to be in Gary.

Gary's Jail (Whistle) House owned by Gary Historical Ass'n. completed.