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Troupe Dist 11

 From the book Historical Collections Deuel County:
The school that first served this district was located on the quarter north of the present site, it then had to be moved to the center of the district or within one-half mile of it. The land was donated by Mr. Wilkey.
In looking at some old records these are a few interesting facts: in 1909 the term was seven months, teacher Agnes McGill, twelve students, Clarence Oswald was a student. In 1911, there were eight months of school, teacher's salary was $42.50. In 1912 total ex- penses were $440.25, in 1915 $611.50. In February 1919 a warrant was written for $2000 to August Tunnison for the present building. Mr. Herman Oswald and O.A. Almos were on the school board at that time.
In 1922, Mrs. Birdie Artus was hired to bring order to the school which she did with the help of "the old birch rod", there were 35 students. Isabelle Oswald was a teacher at onetime, as was Mary Gordon, Ina Harkins 1896, and Marjorie Dennis.
Here are some items of interest: flag pole cost $26; 1926 four new desks plus freight cost $21.27: tuition to Gary in 1936 was $9 for each student.
Others who served on the school board were W.R. Schuttler, Mr. McLain, Lucy Snyder, Karl Oswald, Gene Piper, Aldon Almos, Royal Thompson, Iven Fairchild, and Marvin Meyen.
Troupe was the first school in the county to have electricity. After having served the community long and well it was surrendered to county organization and merged with the Gary School system in 1970. It has been turned into a home and resort in 1977 and is known as "Stone Hill."

      I attended Troupe School #11 for eight years.......1945-1953 and then graduated from Gary High School in 1957. My mother, Emma Landgraf, was the school clerk for some of those 8 years that I attended school at Troupe. I may even have some old school records in a book....prior to that time...  Our farm was 4 miles south of Gary on Cobb Creek... My family spent many many wonderful hours on Lake Cochrane.....attended outdoor movies, swimming and fishing.  We knew the Hornsteins and Jensens personally. Maynard and Eleanor Cochrane were teaching at the high school when I attended there....So.......many memories and love the website...     Patty Landgraf Johnson

Front row first I think are Piepers in pink Carlin Keimig, blue polka dots Mary Keimig, brown Linda Pieper, teal Sherrylynn Fairchild, the rest of the girls I'm not for sure.  Boys in yellow Stuart Almos, suit & tie David Thompson, Duane Thompson, red Steve Almos, Melv Piper, Clark Fairchild

I think the photo was taken in the fall on 1969

Photo with desk going down the first row Clark Fairchild, Sherrylynn Fairchild, Mary Keimig, Carlin Keimig,

next row Deb Fairchild, ? Pieper, Cheryl Fairchild, ?, ?,

by black board Connie Fairchild, Elaine Fairchild, ? , ?, Teacher Mrs Campbell

Information above from Mary E. Keimig

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